Thursday, December 21, 2006

So, GH Is Currently....

....lying upstairs in my bed. NO. I didn't sleep with him. Well to be fair, my "friend" came a knocking so that is why, not because I'm rationing the NaNa or anything like that. He came by (late) last night to use my comp and to (possibly) hang out a bit.

The weird thing is he decided to stay the night. He has NEVER spent the night. Read NEVER. I chalk it up to his moving. Maybe sleeping on the homeboy's couch wasn't as good a proposition as my bed. Who knows.

Anwho, how was it? FUCKING AWFUL. I coulda been sleeping with my brother for all the fun it was. I wasn't expecting sex because of the aforementioned "friend" but DAMN could a girl get a cuddle or something? A kiss goodnight? A back rub? Sheesh! This fool doesn't like me. He doesn't. This fucking sucks. Sigh.

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